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"High Tide" effective 1-1-22 will become the same as Catch A Wave. One will enjoy the Beach Boys classics with an additional classic rock repertoire for variety if need be for suitable venues. This is the ideal suitable performance presentation for car shows, festivals, fairs,corporate events and the like. Disney Entertainment regards this featured Disney artists tribute show ( please not a cover band) group as a “spot on” recreation of the music of the 1960's Beach Boys. This act can be seen at Disneyland, Downtown Disney as well as headlining Disney Cruise Lines ! The show has polish beyond belief, which is why they are praised to have the "tightest vocals" and the only show to truly capture that classic Southern California Beach Boys’ 1960’s sound. High Tide holds the honor as being selected personally by Brian Wilson and the real Beach Boys to perform the California Historical Landmark dedication whereby The Beach Boys' family home in Hawthorne, Ca. was recognized in 2005 as a California historical  landmark. Brian, the Beach Boys, as well as members of the amazing Brian Wilson band LOVED THIS TRIBUTE SHOW!

Right down to the same instruments, amplifiers and precise slurs, slides and vocal mannerisms that gave the legendary Beach Boys their signature sound High Tide captures it all. Most (if not all) of our competitors use "vocal tracks" yes, that is fake vocals for your performance !! In addition, their videos are lip sync videos and not live begging the question, do you want a fake vocal group with recorded track vocals or the real deal ? High Tide sings their vocals all live because it is real talent. Our video is all live too so you are seeing and hearing the most accurate representation of the show you will receive. So in other words, what you see is what you get ! Now that's the honest way. No surprises. For that real "WOW" factor, you'll want High Tide” hands down perfect fit for your event, car show, corporate function or casino.


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